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Different SUPs, Stand up paddle boards

5 common mistakes when buying a SUP, Stand Up Paddle Board

Common mistakes when buying a SUP Size When I’m out paddling or on the beach seeing people with their SUPs, I see so many paddlers with boards too small for them. If you are confused about the optimum paddleboard size for you, a bigger board is way better than a board too small for your…

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Paddle Board Exploring of Sunshine Coast with Kona inflatable SUP

Kona Paddle Board Adventure Exploring the ocean on a Kona Paddle Board (Cruiser 12’6 inflatable) can mean more than being out in nature, soaking up the sun and the waves and getting some much needed exercise. It means the freedom to spend hours on the water, seeing animals that most people never encounter in the…

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SUP adventure together – I wish all days could be like this

A SUP adventure together I wish all days could be like this….. My daughter Sophie and I decided to take our stand up paddle boards and head out for a full day adventure. SUP, swim, explore and play! The gear We chose which boards to take based on how we wanted to use them as…

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