Ultimate Family Inflatable SUP Package

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For true family SUP experiences, we have put together the Ultimate Family Inflatable SUP Package. You and your family will benefit both in the variety of SUP activities offered by 2 SUPs and overall value for money. The larger board, Cruiser 12’6, is our favourite board when it comes to paddling performance making it great for a single adult person, but with its generous length and volume it easily carries an adult + a child (or two depending on size). The smaller board, Moloka’i 9’6 is big enough to carry an adult and small enough to be a board easily paddled for a child. The Moloka’i 9’6 is equipped with attachment for a sail, 3 fins and a hard aft rail. This means that with this board you and your family can extend the fun with light wind sailing and small wave surfing.



Stand up fitness performer It is the choice for anyone wanting to use their SUP to stay in shape as well as ambitious recreational and touring paddlers. Like all other Kona inflatables it can be in inflated up to 25 psi making it extremely stiff and reliable. Cruiser 12'6 has an outstanding wide range of usability also making it a great choice for family activities. With the Cruiser's generous length, it's a great SUP to take your child or even the family dog with you!

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Moloka’i 9’6 is a mid-size All-Round SUP for lighter paddlers, both adults and kids If you’re an adult of smaller frame or looking for an all-round SUP to share with your kids, the Moloka’i 9’6 is the perfect board for you and your family. A versatile SUP, the Moloka’i 9’6 is suited to shorter paddling tours, family SUP play, riding small waves and even windSUP. Thanks to the board’s stabilising tail rails, it has an improved grip in the waves. This is also a welcome feature when a sail is put on the board to enjoy some easy windsurfing.

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2 x Adjustable Paddle 3-piece Fibreglass

Durable paddle for inflatable SUPs 3-piece Fiberglass Paddle, recommended for iSUP, adjustable between 178-210cm, suitable for paddlers 5'1'' - 6'5''.

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2 x Curly Leash 6 ft

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What's in the boxes?

The Ultimate Family Inflatable SUP Package includes:
1 Inflatable Cruiser 12’6 Stand Up Paddle Board with 1 fin
1 Inflatable Moloka’i 9’6 Stand Up Paddle Board with 3 fins
2 Paddles – 3-piece adjustable Glassfibre
2 Backpacks – to carry and store your boards, paddles and pumps
2 Pumps with pressure gauges – to inflate your board
2 Repair kits – unlikely you’ll ever use these
Leash (optional)

FREE delivery to your home, office or any chosen address in Australia
12 month Warranty

Inflatable Technology

Kona’s iSUPs are Swedish designed, encompassing durability and quality second to none. Stiffness and rigidity are huge factors in any board’s performance and inflatable paddleboards are no exception! Kona’s multi-layer and double-wall technology, together with machine based V-drop stitch core, result in Kona boards being at least 20 percent stiffer, more robust and lighter than boards produced by other manufacturing processes. Quality tested for inflating up to 25PSI (air pressure), you are guaranteed an extremely stiff board and reliable ride. An all machine-based gluing process also ensures an excellent surface finish.


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