Inflatable SUP

Whether you’re into fitness, looking for adventure or just want to have fun, Kona has a broad range of inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards to fit any and every way you chose to “GET ON BOARD!”

Solo or together with family and friends, stand up paddle boarding is the perfect activity for a day at the beach, on a lake or exploring a river. Kona’s iSUPs are extremely versatile in their function and are also well suited to many different water conditions. As an example, Kona’s Namaste inflatable SUP has been specifically designed with yoga and fitness in mind, with straps for anchoring, paddle holder plus a brushed deck covering maximum area on the board allowing good grip and flexibility. In the Namaste design there is absolutely no compromise made in the board paddling performance. It’s also an excellent board for recreational paddling much like Kona’s Active inflatable SUP.

If you want to cruise on flat water as well as play on small to moderate waves, you can have loads of fun on inflatables. It is really only in bigger waves or competition racing that hard SUPs can outweigh the versatility of quality inflatable Standup Paddleboards.

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