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Moloka’i 9’6 – Bamboo

With the Moloka’i 9’6 Bamboo Kona takes the concept of surf SUP one step further. It is a premium sandwich construction stand up paddle board where the bamboo deck not only makes it eye catching but also serves to improve the board’s qualities.The board is equipped with a quad set of fins for outstanding grip and performance. Compared to its bigger brother Moloka’i 10’7 the shape has been altered to improve its wave riding capabilities. It will prove to be an excellent nose rider for the advanced surfer as well. Thanks to the mast track a windsurfing rig can easily be attached for windSUP, a great way to get introduced to riding waves. Tough primarily designed for waves you will find that Moloka’i 9’6 Bamboo will also serve you well for a sunrise or sunset ride on flat water.

Moloka’i 9’6 – AST

Kona Moloka’i 9’6 AST has exactly the same shape as the Moloka’i 9’6 Bamboo.It is a premium sandwich construction stand up paddle board. Its design, with an extended rocker line together with its quad fin concept, ensures great wave riding capabilities such as speed and grip. Moloka’i 9’6 AST is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality and performance board. The board is perfect for wave riding and it is equipped with a mast track enabling it to be used for windSUP. The durable construction will make the board last for a very long time, giving the user many moments of great joy.




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