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There are endless ways to get out on the water and Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding is currently the fastest growing water sport in the world.

So why has SUPing attracted so many people?

Everyone is striving to find a healthier lifestyle and balance between work and play. With longer working hours, there’s a lot to fit into our precious free time – family, exercise, socializing and housework are usually top of the list. SUP offers a fun water activity that combines 3 …. sorry we can’t really help you with housework!

Want to get your family outside enjoying nature, having fun together and away from the grasps of iPads and computer games? Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy paddleboarding without any experience at all! Depending on individuals, kids from 6 years can manage their own paddleboard while toddlers make great passengers to spot fish and simply enjoy the ride. You can even take your family dog for a paddle – they’ll love it!

Not only for the young, but also the “young-at-heart”, get the grandparents out for a paddle too. By choosing a high volume SUP, you will experience high buoyancy and stability on the water to have you paddling like a pro!

Arrange to meet friends for SUPing and turn your family fun & exercise into a social catch up! Go together or take it in turns. You may choose to paddle some distance to get your heart-rate up for an all-body workout or enjoy a more leisurely pace, taking in the scenery or even try some yoga poses for an extra core workout. Get the kids on and they will love exploring their favourite swimming spots from a new perspective. If they tire from paddling, the boards simply become floating pontoons to play from and drift together on in the sun.

GET ON BOARD! All you need is a SUP board and a paddle to get started. Inflatable SUPs come in their own backpack with hand pump making them super easy to store and transport. Compared with hard boards, kayaks or dinghies, there’s no need for roof racks, boat ramps, trailers or heavy lifting so getting out on the water anywhere has never been easier!

With Kona’s all-round SUP it is possible to use it for almost any discipline of SUP paddling: Family fun, Fitness exercise, SUP Yoga, Exploring, Wind SUP etc.


There are three inflatable All-Round models in Kona’s SUP range:

1. Active 10’8 is a full size All-round SUP for the whole family

The all-round SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), Active 10’8, on top of being a very versatile all-round stand up board, has also proven to be the perfect beginner and family SUP. Use it for playing, shorter cruises, yoga, fitness training or windSUP. It is extremely stable with big volume making it very comfortable even for the heavier paddler. The 2017 all-round SUP model has been improved using our new technology making the board stiffer, lighter and with an excellent surface finish.



2. Moloka’i 9’6 is a mid-size All-Round SUP for lighter paddlers, both adults and kids

If you’re an adult of smaller frame or looking for an all-round SUP to share with your kids, the Moloka’i 9’6 is the perfect board for you and your family. The Moloka’i 9’6 can carry paddlers up to 90kg and for optimum performance, we recommend it as the board of choice for paddlers less than 70kg. Due to its size, for lighter paddlers, the Moloka’i 9’6 offers riders easier paddling and manoeuvrability on the water, making it a breeze to turn even if the wind picks up. A versatile SUP, the Moloka’i 9’6 is suited to shorter paddling tours, family SUP play, riding small waves and even windSUP. Thanks to the board’s sharp tail rails, it has an improved grip in the waves. This is also a welcome feature when a sail is put on the board to enjoy some easy windsurfing.



3. Namaste 11’0 is a full-size All-Round SUP with special consideration given in its design for practising SUP Yoga as well as recreational paddling.

Outstanding board stability and a unique yoga inspired design have helped to make Kona’s Namaste SUPs a favourite. The brushed deck covers a maximum area of the board allowing good grip and flexibility when moving along the board. Namaste 11’0 is an excellent board for recreational paddling where riders experience high performance and glide for longer paddling trips. As with each of Kona’s All-round SUPs, the board comes with a windsurfing attachment so you can choose to add a sail.






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