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Exploring the ocean on a Kona Paddle Board (Cruiser 12’6 inflatable) can mean more than being out in nature, soaking up the sun and the waves and getting some much needed exercise. It means the freedom to spend hours on the water, seeing animals that most people never encounter in the wild and the sort of freedom that comes only from having the space and time to follow your whims in nature.

Sunshine Coast

The water off the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, is home to a variety of marine life, as well as countless secluded beaches and inlets all connected by expansive stretches of unspoiled ocean. Kona Paddle Boards have inflatable equipment, along with all the accessories, that can be put together on the spot and not take up too much room in your home or car. An ideal adventure can begin off Shelly beach, in the afternoon, with the warm sun on your back and a gentle south-easterly wind turning the water white near the shore.

Once in the water, you can let the wind direct you towards Mooloolaba, which is known for its café strip and seafood restaurants, or towards Dicky Beach which has an inlet leading to Currimundi Lake. When paddle boarders have headed in the direction of Dicky Beach, they have reported seeing dolphins that play just metres away from their boards, leaping from the waves in amazing displays of athleticism and playfulness. Turtles are another common sight along the way.

Getting close to the beach

The waves close to the inlet shore here can be unpredictable, with enormous waves coming up suddenly and throwing paddle boarders off their board. It may be easier to walk once you are close enough to shore to do so but once you are on the lakeside again the water is serene and easy even for amateurs to deal with. With the wind behind you, the task is made even easier and soon you will find yourself paddling under Nicklan Way and leaving the brief glimpse of traffic and noise behind you.

Here you will find a canal where people fish regularly and there are reports of fish leaping out of the water to display themselves for passers-by. From there it’s a short paddle to the end of the canal, where there is a residential area and a park that extends all the way to the waterside.

You will probably be in wet clothes after your adventure, so it’s best if someone is there to pick you up and help you deflate your Kona Paddle Board. You will probably need to get warm again, the breeze can be chilly off the water even on warm days, but that’s a small price to pay for an adventure like that.

One of many trips

This is just one of the many mini trips you can take with a Kona Paddle Board. The ocean, the wildlife and the freedom are all right there for you to explore and enjoy. It’s even better if you can share it with friends or loved ones, making memories that will stay with you for the rest of your lives. Continue browsing our website for more great articles.

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