Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Quality is key! …unless you’re looking for another pool toy?

To have the most fun with your inflatable Standup Paddleboard it’s critical to choose a quality board you can rely on. Kona has an award winning range of high quality boards for all ages and experience levels helping to get more families and friends safely paddling out on the water.

Why choose a Kona Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board?

  1. Quality, quality, quality!
  2. Durability
  3. Simple storage & portability – it fits in a backpack!
  4. Versatility
  5. Safe and fun for the whole family



Kona’s iSUPs are Swedish designed, encompassing durability and quality second to none. Stiffness and rigidity are huge factors in any board’s performance and inflatable paddleboards are no exception! Kona’s multi-layer and double-wall technology, together with machine based V-drop stitch core, result in Kona boards being at least 20 percent stiffer, more robust and lighter than boards produced by other manufacturing processes. Quality tested for inflating up to 25PSI (air pressure), you are guaranteed an extremely stiff board and reliable ride. An all machine-based gluing process also ensures an excellent surface finish. Kona’s unique graphic designs beautifully capture the Kona flower, creating boards that any rider would be proud to be seen on.




Durability is one of the key benefits inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards have over hard boards. The highest risk of damage to any board is when transporting it, or from the usual dings boards get both in and out of the water. However with an iSUP, you can drop it on a rock without any damage to the board.

If you’re looking for a SUP for the whole family, inflatable is the way to go. We all know kids can be rough and even the family dog can jump on an inflatable without any issue of scratching or marking your SUP. Many Standup Paddleboard rental companies in Europe and USA are now using iSUPs for their durability. They love that their stock is looking brand new for longer.


Simple storage & portability – It fits in a backpack!

Getting to the water is really easy with a Kona inflatable SUP. Just deflate, roll and pack into its backpack. Simple right? No need for a roof rack and straps or even a car! Wear your inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board on your back to cycle, walk or bus to the beach. Of course, if you have 4-wheels, toss it in the boot to “GET ON BOARD” even faster! For trips overseas, you can forget oversize items and check in your iSUP backpack with your luggage.

For storage, any cupboard works. No shed, garage or wall mounted boards in your living room required!




Whether you’re into fitness, looking for adventure or just want to have fun, Kona has a broad range of inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards to fit any and every way you chose to “GET ON BOARD!”

Solo or together with family and friends, stand up paddle boarding is the perfect activity for a day at the beach, on a lake or exploring a river. Kona’s iSUPs are extremely versatile in their function and are also well suited to many different water conditions. As an example, Kona’s Namaste inflatable SUP has been specifically designed with yoga and fitness in mind, with straps for anchoring, paddle holder plus a brushed deck covering maximum area on the board allowing good grip and flexibility. In the Namaste design there is absolutely no compromise made in the board paddling performance. It’s also an excellent board for recreational paddling much like Kona’s Active inflatable SUP.

If you want to cruise on flat water as well as play on small to moderate waves, you can have loads of fun on inflatables. It is really only in bigger waves or competition racing that hard SUPs can outweigh the versatility of quality inflatable Standup Paddleboards.


Safe & fun for the whole family


Stand up paddle boarding is great for fitness but also a fantastic outdoor activity getting back into nature and away from the grasps of iPads and computer games. Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy paddleboarding without any experience at all! With higher buoyancy than hard boards, inflatable SUPs also offer greater stability on the water. It can be fun to have your children and even the family dog with you out for a paddle too!

Of course we all come off our boards at times whether it’s on purpose or in play. If you lose your balance and fall on your inflatable SUP, the risk of getting hurt is way lower than on a hard board.



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