Hard Stand Up Paddle Boards

Whether you are searching for a SUP for wave riding, are an unwavering advocate and collector of hard boards or simply attracted to the amazing high-end bamboo board designs, Kona has a board for you within our award winning range of high quality boards for all ages and experience levels.

At Kona, it’s all about quality! To have the most fun with your Stand up Paddle board, it’s critical to choose a quality board you can rely on.

Our hard boards are crafted by top of the line, world-class producers, using the best materials and construction methods available, guaranteeing high-end quality products.

Behind the quality boards Kona constructs today, is the story of where surfing and production of hard surfboards all started.

Surfboards were originally made from hard and heavy woods such as Redwood, Cedar or Wili-Wili. These Surfboards could weigh up to 60 kg and were difficult to travel with or transport. In the early 1930’s, heavier woods were combined with a lighter balsa wood and wooden surfboards from this point on, became much lighter and easier to handle. As a natural consequence, when the boards became easier to transport, surfing became more popular.

By 1940, the first surfboard made entirely of Balsa wood was produced and manufacturing continued to grow throughout the 50’s. During the 60’s, foam revolutionized surfboard manufacturing worldwide and construction methods were further developed with a sandwich construction, making the boards lighter, stiffer and more durable. The sandwich construction requires a mould, it is more labor intensive and the materials used are more expensive compared to a coated foam core.

SUP board construction is hugely important! The quality of construction directly affects your board’s longevity, durability, handling, and performance.

Kona uses the sandwich construction method for producing hard Stand-Up Paddle and Windsurf Boards. We don’t cut corners when it comes to quality and from the resulting performance we get from our boards, we know it’s worth it!

The Kona, AST coated, sandwich constructed Standup Paddleboards, Moloka’i 10’7 and Moloka’i 9’6, are top of the line when it comes to weight and rigidity.

They score high points in longevity and hold their performance extremely well over many years. The AST is white and the deck is covered with a soft slip-proof material printed with Kona’s unique and colourful graphics and flower design.

The high-end Kona Moloka’i Bamboo takes SUP boards to yet another level, being the choice for the stand up paddler looking for the absolute best. Many of our competitors add a micro thin layer of wood veneer purely for aesthetics however Kona’s Moloka’i Bamboo, is a premium sandwich construction where the bamboo deck not only makes it eye catching, but also serves to improve the board’s qualities. Bamboo is harder than steel and more durable than most hardwoods – perfect to craft top performing hard SUPs surpassing even the most experienced riders expectations in board longevity, durability, handling, and performance.


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