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Get Onboard with Kona!

A passion for water, an active lifestyle and having fun with family and friends is the ethos behind Kona Boards Australia.

We love Stand Up Paddle boarding ourselves and are super excited to bring top quality Swedish brand Kona SUPs into the Australian market so everyone has the opportunity to join the fun and Get Onboard with Kona!

Our Story

In 1973, the same year Bell’s Beach Surf Classic was first held as a professional competition, Swedish Kona Boards Australia co-founder, Svante Fielding, sailed into his life-long passion for watersports on oceans the other side of the world in an Optimist dinghy.

Svante has been following the wind and waves all around the globe ever since!   He’s one of those avid (some say, crazy!!) guys who, growing up in Sweden, didn’t even let ice stop him from getting out on the water! If snow covered a frozen lake, it was just an opportunity to combine two interests, snow boarding and kite surfing! In Sweden there is a common expression that translates, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes” …… it goes without saying Svante’s sports clothes often included full length wetsuit, boots, hoodie and gloves to fit with the “perfect” Swedish climate!

From sailing to windsurfing, kite surfing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, wave surfing and diving, Svante’s never been short of a good reason to get out and have fun on the water… or in it!

Throughout his career in the marine and shipping industry, Svante’s work has taken him and his family across the globe living in Europe, USA, China, Singapore and now Australia. Choosing to settle on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland in 2016, Svante and Australian wife Georgina, are excited to bring the successful Swedish brand, Kona, to Australian shores (and Svante’s happy there’s no longer any need for wetsuit boots or hoodies)!

Contact Us

When you get in touch with Kona Boards Australia, Svante or Georgina will be your first point of contact. We’re happy to chat about everything SUP and guide you through the process of choosing your new board.

Our focus is helping you “Get Onboard” the Stand Up Paddle Board that best fits you…. and your family, if you’re happy to share!!

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